Eastern NC Entrepreneurial Promise 


A virtual regional incubator for companies  owned by minorities and women in underserved counties of eastern North Carolina.

Cohort II begins January 18, 2022. Apply now!

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Expanding Eastern NC’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Partner Community Capital and the National Institute of Minority Economic Development have launched the Eastern NC Entrepreneurial Promise (ENCEP). ENCEP is a virtual regional incubator for diverse companies in underserved counties of eastern North Carolina.

ENCEP serves businesses that:

  • Are run by minorities or women
  • Are located in economically distressed (Tier I or Tier II, see below) counties in Eastern NC
  • Have revenues of less than $250,000 and opportunities to scale.

There is no cost to participants. ENCEP is funded by a generous grant from NC IDEA Foundation.

Eastern NC Tier I & Tier II Counties

Eastern NC Tier 1 and 2 Counties
114 W. Parrish Street
Durham, North Carolina 27701

(919) 812-6635

Generous funding for ENCEP comes from